Love Boldly. Live Generously. Grow Spiritually.

an Agape International Spiritual Center

Sundays at 10:15a in the iO Theater in Chicago, IL 

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Cityside Church

Cityside Church
Sundays, 10a @ iO Theater
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL 60642

Sundays at 10:15a.
with Rev. Mark Anthony Lord and beats by DJ Taz Rashid

iO Theater | 1501 N Kingsbury St. Chicago IL
Ample street parking or you can park in the lot just north of the theater ($8 for 3 hours).

Join us virtually via Facebook LIVE on our Cityside Church Facebook Page.
Recording will live on our Facebook page for later viewing.


Our mission is to help kids thrive spiritually and know they are deeply and profoundly loved by God.  You can count on us to teach your kids how to meditate, pray, and learn practices of kindness, conscious choice, and positive, personal empowerment.

Every Sunday your kids will be seen, appreciated, and periodically part of the Worship Service by presenting creative projects filled with spiritual principles they’re learning.

Kids gather in safe, age-specific classrooms with trained volunteers and teachers who make caring for your kids their favorite part of the week.

Cityside is a new church committed to nurturing a deep and profound relationship with the God of your being through worship, spiritual practice and community. 


No need to supplicate to a deity in the clouds. You have all the God you can handle looking through your eyes this very second. Realizing this takes worship to new heights.

Spiritual Practice.

Through earnest spiritual practice, old limited notions and beliefs fall away and who-you-really-are emerges in its place. We practice not to gain anything, but to reveal and stand in the astonishment of what’s already there.


Humans thrive on connection. We’re a tribal species at our core. The best environment for human connection is small, intimate groups of like-minded people. We’ll help you find your inner circle to do life with.

“Cityside is here to redefine “church”.  It’s time to slough off the centuries of abuse and disempowerment – and get to doing what God wants us to do – love each other, believe in each other, and support each other in living a sacred life filled with joy & laughter.” – Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

Mark Anthony Lord.

Hello! I’m deeply honored to be the Founding Senior Minister at Cityside. I’m thrilled because being a Minister is who I am – it’s what I do. There’s nothing I love more than helping people heal their relationship with God and surrender to the magnificence of Spirit within. Today the world really, really needs people to come together in the name of love. The world needs communities of people who are willing to give up the blame, guilt, and fear so they can become a beneficial presence of healing. I committed to being one of those people a long, long time ago – now I’m a leader of them. That’s pretty cool and I’m grateful!

Here’s some pro cred for you.

Ministerial Council.

A committed group of ordained ministers and ministers in the making, who are paradoxically serious and lighthearted about god, spiritual practice and community.


God doesn’t need any financial help, but we’ll take all we can get. Be an active force in helping grow our community (yes, we have pretty awesome incentives, too).

Cityside is going to be fun, fulfilling, spiritually alive, inspiring, and most importantly, a place to grow together through life’s challenges, celebrations, and whatever comes our way – we’ll do it together as spiritual family.” – Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

Agape Movement.

We’re an Agape Spiritual Center here in Chicago. Agape International Spiritual Center is a vibrant trans-denominational spiritual center in LA founded by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and he is our Rev’s Rev. We’re honored and excited to be apart of this organization and bring the Agape love to the Chicagoland area.


People speak out about what excites them about Cityside Church. Tell us what you’re excited about.

“I’m so excited about Cityside Church coming to Chicago. Our generation lacks a place of true community. A tribe where we can just “be.” A place that honors inclusion, love, and diversity. A place that we can connect, thrive, and inspire a city. That is what I believe Cityside will offer anyone who is searching for more out of life. If you feel a bit lost, frustrated by the “religion” card that you were handed growing up, Cityside church may be the perfect place to find that something you’ve been searching for. And to me, that is the purpose of living.”  – Ben Foley

I was raised in the church; however, too often the words and the actions of the church were not truthful and shrouded with deceit. At a young age, I knew what I was being told was wrong. By adulthood, I’d lost my faith, but not in God, just in the men speaking the “word” of “God.” Today as a father, I consider my God my Higher Power. My spirituality has taken time to evolve but I’m grateful that it has. The evolution of my spirituality has led me to find people who not only preach love and acceptance but practice it too. These people can be found at Cityside Church. A safe place where I can let my children develop their spiritually without that tug of conflict I always felt. – CJ Penny

“I’m so excited to be a part of the Cityside for many reasons. I love the people, I’m excited about the youth program for my daughter and I can’t wait to be part of a service with great music!” – Kari Stevens

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Get in on the inside scoop. Drop your email address below and we’ll keep you posted on all the juicy details (location, time, opening day, youth + family program and more!) and sprinkle in some weekly inspiration.

Love Boldly.

Bold love is not the stuff of your typical romantic comedy (although who doesn’t enjoy a good rom-com?)… Bold love is fearless and often illogical. It flips over tables and casts out moneylenders.

Live Generously.

This isn’t just about money. It’s about bringing more of yourself into your life and showing up as the greater version of you that lies at your core. In generosity lies unimaginable wealth in more ways than just a bank balance.

Grow Spiritually.

There’s really nowhere you need to get to. Growing spiritually is an inner deepening that leads to expansion in all areas of life. By growing spiritually within, all else will be added unto you. And no, we didn’t say that first.

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